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Dancing in the Temple

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26th Jan 2014, Its Indian Republic Day.

More than that today we dance in the temple: my guru, few disciples and I.

Today I dance two items, Mangalacharan with 2 dancers and a solo, Vasanta Pallavi, a piece of pure dance. "Vasanta"  means "spring" and the dance is a blossoming itself.

There is no better place than this to "be in the dance". Here where this classical dance form was born and embodying its a honour.

Dancing here is definately something, no matter how small scale or big is the of audience, or media r there or if temple is this old this or that old..

ITS the temple. 

How bliss blessed is to feel " the instrument" in such a place where the dance is not an entertainment, but a meta-representation...of something divine, of something similar to the beauty in nature, of a process cosmic creation…

All the geographical personal bipolarism, dilemmas and mental masturbations disappear and it is good to be "in place" for a moment, and it makes worth all the sweat, the hours of practices, the visualizations, the body pain (which u have to feel and smile).. and the stinky tiring bus journey and the constricted places where to change and get ready before being in the "mandate" the stage for dance in the temple….

..Dancing here is a catharsis..