Sita Spada

Actor I Dancer I Performer

SHOWREEL -acting

Fragments of some works.

from The drowning song" by Sandhya Sundaram India, "Jo dooba so paar" by Praveen Kumar, Sony India, "Matshyavataram"By Shyam Sunder, "Sintonia" by Giacomo Arrigoni Italy, Short by Santosh Sivan, Acre by F.Gallo Italy..


by Sandhya Daisy Sundaram is a music video, Sridhar/Tayil in 35 mm, shot in India and inspired by the life of the Indo-hungerian paintress Amrita Sher-Gil. 

The director wanted her art and life of the painter to merge. Scenes are taken from Amrita's and I played her as characters in her paintings.

It was one of the most intense shooting I ve ever experienced..

Other fragments of work

"Les larmes de verre" by Nima Rafighi, shot in french in Paris, inspired by 80's style of Dario Argento movies, Italian Horror "Zombie connection" by Marco Magni,  "Monetine" music video Sony by Daniele Sivestri Italy, TOF Middle east productions are some of them..

SHOWREEL- Odissi Dance

A Odissi Showreel with some of the dance performances, just shot live at : Kuttack dance festival (Orissa  India) , Auroville (Tamil Nadu India), Theatre in Milan Italy.

I had the opportunity to dance in many occasions and stages, from theatre to cultural events, to festivals.. but the most touching is definitely dancing odissi in the temple.

SUDU KELLE music video by Multistyle

2006, this was my first music video, a hit in Sri Lanka.The band was composed by guys from Sri Lanka, Congo, Dominican Republic, India… that why Multistyle.

the song also was a crisp mix of sound and was fun to shoot.

After this I ve worked for other Sri Lanka pop productions.. 



LES LARME DE VERRE/ LE LACRIME DI VETRO by Nima Rafighi- fragments

is a french short by Iranian origin director.The style is inspired by Dario Argento 80's movies, in a french key.Here I was playing a swimmer who is hunted by a mysterious man who spread fear around her.  Crew was great and acting in french a good exercise. Looking forward to post, my latest work, which hasn t been released yet, but yes, its an Indian production.